The Power of the Right Systems

More Free Time:
Spend your days how you choose—be it with family or exploring new ventures.

Peace of Mind:
Rest easy knowing your business thrives, even in your absence.

Aim for larger goals without the stress, thanks to a capable, independent team.

Common Hurdles in Systemisation

Business owners often fail because:

Lacking a Clear Path: This often leaves them stuck, complicating what should be straightforward, resulting in ineffective systems.

Struggling with Team Buy-In: Without your team’s support, the best systems are rendered useless.

Failing in Full Implementation: Starting is one thing; following through successfully is another.

Our Systems Coaching Program Simplifies Business Systemisation.

Why Am I So Confident This Works?

James Brown here, and in the early days of running my first business, I fell into the day-to-day operations of my business, feeling stuck and overwhelmed. I worked crazy hours and unsurprisingly got totally burnt out.

After realising that systemising was my solution, through a bunch of determination and perseverance, I managed to systemise myself out of the business, making it less dependent on me. 

However, I made countless mistakes along the way,. With no clear method, it was more costly and stressful than necessary. I had no system for how to systemise – I made it up as I went.

In 2020, I discovered SYSTEMology, which simplified everything I had learned the hard way. This approach leverages team members instead of piling more work on the business owner. 

The simplistic but achievable goal is to get critical information out of people’s heads, document it, and make it accessible, so the business runs efficiently without constant oversight.

After ‘seeing the light’ and deeply studying this this innovative approach, I now specialise in helping small businesses solve this problem in their business once and for all!

I’ve now delivered SYSTEMology training to more people than anyone in the world apart from the founder, David Jenyns, with whom I regularly collaborate with to develop new training curriculums and content.

What’s included? We help you:

  • Build your essential systems, get them documented, and essentially clone yourself. This way, the business runs itself while maintaining the same high standards.
  • Integrate a systems-driven culture, so your team not only follows what you’ve put in place but also creates systems to action your ideas without you looking over their shoulders.
  • Optimise & scale your business, creating peak productivity and time leverage, finally giving you the freedom to pursue new ideas.

Here’s what David Jenyns has to say about the program….

I definitely feel the Catalyst Program is probably the best value program that we’ve got for making permanent change. Because you really start to develop the habits of consistently thinking about systems, keeping it front and centre and finding your Systems Champion

Dave JenynsFounder of

So, if you're ready to stop being the bottleneck and set yourself up for smooth scaling, join SYSTEMology Catalyst!

Our 6-month group coaching program provides the training, support, and accountability you need to implement SYSTEMology effectively and get your team on board with systems-thinking.

Plus, we’ll coach and train a dedicated member of your team, your Systems Champion, who will handle all the system development and implementation on your behalf.

When we worked [with James], every opportunity and every problem could be solved with a system. And we look at our business, our service, and how we want the outcome to be now with a systems approach. I couldn’t have dreamed that that would have happened; I wouldn’t have believed you, actually, if you had said that was the case.

Renee KellyDirector, Lime
Therapy Mildura

You won’t even be handling most of the hands-on implementation...

That’s what your Systems Champion is for.

This is a dedicated team member (of your choosing) who will oversee all system documentation and development, ensuring the rest of your team follows through.

They’ll drive your systems culture, starting from scratch if necessary—joining the program with you to receive the same level of training, support, and accountability to get things done right.

Catalyst is a perfect fit for you if you are…

Clear on your products or services, gaining traction, and growing fast, but need the space to scale without the overwhelm.

Fed up with doing it alone and ending up with half-baked systems your team won’t use.

Ready to finally lay the foundations for a self-sustaining business, with the accountability and support to make it happen…

What's included in the Catalyst Program:

11 x 90-Minute Group Coaching Calls: Bi-weekly live sessions guiding you through each step.

(Valued at $8695)

Every two weeks, over six months, your facilitator will guide you and the rest of the cohort through each module of the Team Accelerator step-by-step.

During these live, Zoom-hosted sessions, you’ll get:

Answers to your questions

Direct feedback on your systems, so you feel confident deploying them

Accountability to ensure you stay on track while implementing the SYSTEMology process

SYSTEMology Team Accelerator

(Valued at $2695)

This self-paced, 9-module video course dives deep into the entire SYSTEMology process.

It’s designed to guide you and your team, step-by-step, on how to implement SYSTEMology, with unique techniques and insights you won’t find elsewhere.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

My exact process for developing your Critical Client Flow (the essential systems needed to deliver your product or service without hand-holding)

The importance of starting with your target audience and “vanilla product” when building out your Critical Client Flow, and how to avoid major pitfalls

Detailed, real-world examples of how to “install” systems into your business

A key mindset shift that will encourage even resistant team members to start implementing systems and enjoy integrating them into their work

And so much more (over 10 hours of actionable training and worksheets, all at your own pace!)

Private Community Access: Unlimited Q&A, peer interaction, and exclusive resources.

(Valued at $1495)

In addition to the guidance you receive during live group sessions, you’ll also gain access to our private community platform, where you can benefit from:

Unlimited Q&A support from your coach and facilitator to get clarity whenever you need it

Feedback and discussions with a diverse group, from seasoned systems thinkers to beginners—pick their brains, gather useful tips, and forge partnerships

Exclusive resources and trainings to keep you updated on what’s working now and help your business run independently from you

Here’s what fellow business owners are saying:

Having James there was amazing. And I’d say for the price of the Catalyst program, even though it was in a cohort and that we meet every two weeks, and there were 15 to 20 people there. I actually felt it felt like a one-on-one coaching session with James because he was very dedicated…I definitely got sort of maximum value out of it.

Andrea GlanvilleSystems Designer,
The Sydney
String Centre

The community is amazing, because you learn so much from others, there was some really active members in our group. So I think the more that people post in there, you would read James’s feedback to them. And then that enables you to not make the same mistakes.

Kieran GibsonHead of People
and Systems,
Valmond & Gibson

I appreciate now that through the Catalyst Program, I have a Critical Client Flow (CCF) and, I’m able to replicate that for every service that we offer. That’s fast, functional, and fun….SYSTEMology is my secret weapon for efficient, creative, and productive thinking and action.

Alison RogersDirector, Vocal

During the fortnightly coaching with the Catalyst Program, it was a really good combination, and it was achievable. We didn’t feel overwhelmed by the homework, you had a fortnight to actually complete it. So it was a good pace.

Samantha KonyeshiCo-Founder, My
Uno Home
Drafting Design

We've Thrown in These Extra Perks to Amplify Your Success:

Bonus #1

12 months of systemHUB access

(Valued at $1495)

Instead of having your business systems, SOPs, and processes scattered everywhere, our proprietary software—specifically designed to work with SYSTEMology®—organises everything in one central hub.

Gain full control over who sees what, keeping your SOPs secure and ensuring the right team members have exactly what they need to complete tasks and solve problems.

Upload email templates, videos, and other files directly to the platform, so everything stays in one place.

Save hours of time (for both you and your team) searching for the right systems with Smart Search.

Bonus #2

Simple Systems Blueprint

(Valued at $995)

The Simple Systems Blueprint is a step-by-step crash course designed to help you continuously develop the right systems for your business. It includes:

Three modules divided into short, digestible lessons, covering everything from your most critical systems to fostering a systems-driven culture.

Recorded feedback on real business systems, so you can feel confident that you’re on the right track.

An over-the-shoulder look as I identify critical systems for various clients across multiple industries, allowing you to apply these systems to your business, skipping the trial and error, and saving you heaps of time.

Bonus #3

90+ Systems Templates

(Valued at $895)

Gain access to our treasure trove of ready-to-use systems templates, designed to help you build stronger teams, organise finances, and automate marketing & sales. These templates come from experts such as:

John Warrillow

Michael E. Gerber

John Jantsch

Brad Sugars

And many more – receive top-notch SOPs, systems, and policies from some of the world’s leading business minds.

With these templates, you’ll have the confidence and security to start with what’s proven to work, combined with the training you need to tailor them to your specific needs.

SYSTEMology Catalyst Program

Here’s What You’re Getting….

  • Group coaching calls

  • Systemhub software

  • SYSTEMology Community

  • Systemology Team Accelerator Training

  • Coaching Session
Standard Price
$9,495 +GST

5 Monthly Payments
$1,795 +GST

Standard Price
$9,495 +GST
  • Group coaching calls
  • Systemhub software
  • SYSTEMology Community
  • Systemology Team
    Accelerator Training
  • Coaching Session
5 Monthly Payments
$1,795 +GST
  • Group coaching calls
  • Systemhub software
  • SYSTEMology Community
  • Systemology Team
    Accelerator Training
  • Coaching Session

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re thinking about joining SYSTEMology Catalyst but aren’t quite sure yet, the best way to find out more is to book a quick call with our team. We’re happy to help! Here are some common questions we get:

Our latest Catalyst Program commenced mid-2024. You can learn more about how to apply by clicking this link here

The Team Accelerator video trainings are available for up to 40 of your team members. The live sessions are exclusive to you and your “Systems Champion” — someone you trust who’s great with systems and heavily involved in the smooth operation of your business.

A Systems Champion is a dedicated member of your team who will oversee all the documentation and development of your systems and ensure the team follows through. They don’t need to be an expert straight away; they’ll join the program with you to receive the same level of training, support, and accountability to get things done right.

That really depends on you. At a minimum, you’ll have your most critical systems in place, a Systems Champion to manage systems development, and key habits to keep building solid systems long-term. We’ve seen many business owners go beyond this. The more you and your Systems Champion put into the process, the more you’ll get out of it.

For Biztech Guru to provide the most leverage, it’s best if you have some traction in your business—meaning you’re clear on your business model, making good sales, and have a few team members (part-time, full-time, or contractors).

Building a systemised business involves more than just documenting a few processes. You might not have reached your full potential yet. I can help you fill the gaps, identify blind spots, and make sure you’ve got everything in place to achieve Complete Business Reliability.

The Catalyst program is designed for those who want to “do it with James.” Support is provided through group sessions, online chat, and expert coaching sessions to keep you on track. Groups are intentionally kept small to ensure personal, tailored advice, and there’s a 1-on-1 session with James at the end of the program. However, it’s still a group program, and most support is provided within a small group environment.