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We designed the SYSTEMology® Catalyst program to help businesses implement systems the right way and want the benefits of working in a group and with our team of experts.

Packed full of our best systems training, methodology and templates, this program includes group support and coaching sessions with a certified expert to help keep you accountable, on track and make sure you are implementing SYSTEMology®.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll participate in 6 months of bi-weekly group coaching sessions. This gives you time to do the work, learn the principles, adopt them into your business and entrench the skills needed to make it run like a well oiled machine.

You’ll also get 12 months SYSTEMology® Membership which gives your team access to SystemHUB® for storing your procedures, 90+ professionally developed small business systems, plus the all-important Team Accelerator Course.

Two people will be on the group coaching sessions – you (the Business Owner/CEO/Founder), and your Systems Champion. Your Systems Champion is key to your success with this program. They are the team member who you’re going to be delegating a lot of the grunt work to, so make sure you allocate them the time to make a real go if it. 5hrs per fortnight is a great starting point.

Aside from that, as part of the SYSTEMology® Membership (included in the Catalyst Program) you get access for 20 team members to learn via the Team Accelerator Online Course. This will help you get your team onboard to adopt and improve systems within your business.

Got more than 20 in your team? No problem. We have different plans available – just ask!

Will this double up? There’s always a chance, however, what you’ll more than likely find is that SYSTEMology® will nail all the gaps you currently have regarding systems in your business. It will help draw attention to the systems that are going to be used the most, plus start to get your team onboard that systems will make their worklife easier.

We don’t want you and your team to end up spending hour after hour over the years documenting and updating systems. Just the opposite! Our goal is to free you from your business – not make more work for you!

If your business has only been around for a few years, and perhaps you only have a couple of team members – then the Catalyst Program may not be the right solution for you. We’d recommend starting with grabbing a copy of the book here

SYSTEMology® works best once you’ve found the best way to do things with your business and when you have a bit of a team under you. You’re business doesn’t need to be a polished award winning enterprise, but you really need to be clear on how you do business and have robust experience serving your customer.