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What Our Clients Are Saying

James has helped me work on my business for 6 months and I love the speed and quality of his thinking; the great questions he asks, and the depth of experience he brings to each call.

Peter Daly-Dixon Co-Founder - 6 Star Business

James instantly got our business and understood our problems and what we wanted to achieve. He then made sure that the time we spent together was very focused on the main things that would make the greatest difference.

Luke DaviesFounder - Align Build

One of the biggest issues that was solved was simplifying my working day. By following what James has taught us, we know what’s happening weeks ahead rather than basically the day we walk into the office.

Bruce BlackwellDirector - Bruno & George Wines

BizTech Guru’s strength is in the digital world. They’re extremely organised and provide a professional level of expertise with an eye for detail, which has allowed me to work on the business rather than in it.

Danny MassacciDirector - Auto Studio

Biztech Guru were extremely professional and their technical knowledge gave us results that outperformed our expectations. They helped us manage all our information into one central location that is organised and easy to find.

Wayne AllisonFounder - Fused Components

James has been instrumental in the success of Business Hub. His knowledge in systemisation and automation of our internal processes has fundamentally changed the way we do business and we look forward to further developing our business with his support.

George KiprizCEO - Business Hub