Your business. Fully systemised.

Working with a certified SYSTEMologist® like James Brown is easy because their sole objective is to document your mission critical systems, all within the initial 3 month engagement.

Best of all, this process is designed to work without the business owner being involved. 

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Certified SYSTEMologist - James Brown

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a tough question to answer as there are no hard and fast rules. Some systems are shorter, some are longer, some are more complex and some are simpler. Within our typical timeline, you will have 7 x 90-minute sessions devoted to the process extraction where we capture your mission-critical systems. These videos are then documented and turned into working instructions.

Our goal, within the allocated time, is to capture 10-20 mission critical systems as identified and agreed upon in the CCF.

Typically a business can see positive impacts from the systemisation of their business within as little as 3 months. That said, all businesses are different — from the level of products and services offered to the size of the organisation. 

Beyond the initial engagement, you can continue working with your SYSTEMologist® on a month to month basis. Of course, if you’re keen to speed things up, enquire the options to increase the number of process extraction interviews.

It depends, as there is no ‘right’ answer. 

However, if you want your business to revolve around you and never give you any free time – then perhaps forget about creating systems altogether!

If you are a small growing business, then only focus on systemise what bits you know are working well, before building on them over time. The bigger your business is, and the more freedom as an owner you want, the more systems you will need. But you don’t need to be as systemised as McDonalds to really see the benefits, as this mega-brand is like an Olympic athlete when it comes to systems and procedures.

Meetings are conducted via Zoom (or similar). All sessions typically run between 60-90 minutes and are recorded.

After each process extraction interview, sessions are loaded into our project management tool. From there sessions are cut into individual systems, documented and loaded to your systemHUB® account. Typically the first draft of a system is delivered within 7 days and you’re given a further 14 days to trial the system and request any changes. Once approved, systems are made active and team members are notified.

While SYSTEMology® is software agnostic, systemHUB® is our preferred platform for storing your systems and processes. systemHUB® is secure, cloud based and so easy anyone can use it. Best of all, it’s free for the first 12 months if you’re working with a SYSTEMologist®.

Should you wish to continue using the service afterward, you will have the option of joining the SYSTEMology® Membership. Your SYSTEMologist® can provide you with further details.