Are you tired of working long hours but never getting ahead?

It happens to so many business owners. They start their business because they want freedom and flexibility but end up being a slave to it. 

BizTech Guru is here to help. 

The mission is simple: to help small business owners work less in their business by enabling them to leverage systems and procedures, using the best tools and technology.  

Save time, reduce errors and scale your business

Learn with BizTech Guru and you will access one of the most well-resourced programs in Australia, giving you the power to have a better business, with less effort. 

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Ready-to-scale entrepreneurs

Now you have some runs on the board and you know your business model works, build the best foundation for rapid growth.

Established business owners

Tired of being trapped in the day to day? Isn’t it time you started reaping the rewards of your hard work?

Free yourself from endless hours at your desk and grow your profits at the same time.

Exit-ready business owners

Want to maximise the value of your asset so you can sell it and spend more time doing what you enjoy? 

Let BizTech Guru show you how to install the systems that allow anyone to easily step in and take the reins

What Our Clients Are Saying

James has been instrumental in the success of Business Hub. His knowledge in systemisation and automation of our internal processes has fundamentally changed the way we do business and we look forward to further developing our business with his support.

George KiprizCEO - Business Hub

BizTech Guru’s strength is in the digital world. They’re extremely organised and provide a professional level of expertise with an eye for detail, which has allowed me to work on the business rather than in it.

Danny MassacciDirector - Auto Studio

One of the biggest issues that was solved was simplifying my working day. By following what James has taught us, we know what’s happening weeks ahead rather than basically the day we walk into the office.

Bruce BlackwellDirector - Bruno & George Wines

James instantly got our business and understood our problems and what we wanted to achieve. He then made sure that the time we spent together was very focused on the main things that would make the greatest difference.

Luke DaviesFounder - Align Build
Small Business Coach Adelaide
Meet your ‘Guru’

James Brown

James loves helping business owners stop working in the day-to-day of their businesses so that they can regain freedom and choice in their lives. Residential home builders and tradies are often his favourite clients, as they typically have a great growth mindset plus a willingness to lean on others to get things done.

James fell into running a family business when he was in his mid-20s and, over time, managed to systemise himself out of the business completely. In hindsight, he went about it completely the wrong way and made countless mistakes since he had no real method to follow. It was slower, cost more, and was far more stressful than necessary.

He started consulting businesses, BizTech Guru, in 2018, but was still missing an approach to help his clients to systemise until he stumbled upon SYSTEMology in 2020.

He believes it is truly the solution to simplifying systemisation. His favourite part is that SYSTEMology is centred around leveraging team members within the business, not being all on the owner’s shoulders.

James trains his client’s businesses to get the important information out of people’s heads, document it, and make it available at people’s fingertips. 

He helps them become dependent on systems, rather than on the owner and key team members. This enables the owner to choose if, when, and how much they work without impacting the profitability and health of their business.

Clients We've Work With

Frequently Asked Questions

Our services are 100% online and are delivered via a one-to-many, one-to-few or one-on-one learning format.

BizTech Guru helps clients all over the world but operates in Australian time zones.

When you follow the programs shared with you, you will start noticing your business becoming more streamlined within a few weeks, although the overall process can take several months. 

In fact, some people we’ve worked with have achieved the result of saving 2-3 hours per workday within just the first couple of sessions.

We specialise in helping small business owners with a turnover of between $1 million and $20 million. Our training can be applied to any industry. 

BizTech Guru will tell you what to do, show you the methodology and walk you through the process while holding you accountable and giving you clarity around what you are trying to achieve. You can be self-guided or access one on one support to get the results you want, sooner. The member program uses the latest technology and best-practices to create a more productive business that doesn’t require its owner’s daily presence to operate each day. 

Work Less. Earn More.

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