David Jenyns speaks about working with James Brown

Hello, it’s David Jenyns, founder and author of the best-selling book SYSTEMology. And I wanted to make just a quick video to do a shout out for one of our SYSTEMologists, James Brown, because in our community, we see him as a little bit of a rockstar, and I wanted to let you know if you’ve got the opportunity to work with him, I’m going to strongly suggest that you do.

For me, personally, I’ve had quite a few opportunities to work really closely with James, like when he first went through our certification training and seeing him get hands-on with things. We’ve had some shared clients and I’ve seen him run webinars and workshops.

He’s got such a depth of knowledge and he combines not only the SYSTEMology methodology, but all of the experience that he brings in small business, because he’s successfully done what he is helping other business owners to do. He’s built a business, his motel business, that works without him. He’s got it to that level that he’s able to step back and then start to build his SYSTEMology business. He’s got great attention to detail and he’s incredibly passionate about helping other business owners do the same.

And I think when you combine all of that together, it just creates an amazing unbeatable combination. And I’m confident that you’re going to love working with James.

He brings great energy – he’s a pleasure to be part of the SYSTEMology community. My suggestion is go ahead, book a time to chat with James and he can explore where you’re at and how we can best help you and I guarantee at the very least he’s going to point you in the right direction.

So, go ahead and book your call with James right now.

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